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HANSON lovers wanted to know what HANSON said on some of their MANY apperances

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Stuff People Say About HANSON


Transcript from the Today Show

KATIE: A new rock group called Hanson is making teenage hearts beat a little faster these days. Three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Isaac, Zac, and Taylor are here... TAYLOR: hi ZAC: hi...howdy! KATIE: They're part of the group Hanson. Their album, Middle of Nowhere, features the hit single, MMMBop, which is sky-rocketing up the charts. Nice to meet you all. TAYLOR: Great to be here ISAAC: Nice to be here KATIE: (pointing to each one) Isaac, Zac, and Taylor? TAYLOR AND ISSAC: yes KATIE: Yes! I got it! So tell me how you guys got started. ISAAC: Well, we started five years ago singing a capella, then three years after...after singing a capella for three years we then picked up instruments, drums, guitar, piano... KATIE: You were just kind of goofing around and you realized that you could harmonize together? TAYLOR: It was very much a part of us, our parents are both musical so we got it from them in a major way. ISAAC: yeah KATIE: And you all travelled together growing up... ISAAC: Yeah KATIE: Isn't that right? ISAAC: We lived in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Trinidad over the period of a year. KATIE: And your parents would play this time-life anthology of music, right? 1957 and 1969? ISAAC: Something like that, yeah, it was a tape from 1958. It had songs like "Johnny Be Good", "Splish Splash", "Rockin' Robin" and... TAYLOR: The original rock and roll KATIE: yeah ISAAC: We listened to that a lot KATIE: Did that have a big influence on your music? ISAAC: Yeah, I definitely think it did. ZAC: Yeah...definitely! TAYLOR: Yeah KATIE: Alright, so you're gonna sing MMMBop for us this morning? ALLTHREE: yeah KATIE: Ladies and gentlemen, the Hansons!

Transcript from Live With Regis and Kathy Lee

REGIS: okay, our next guests are members of an exciting and endearing band made up of three young brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. There new cd is called Middle of Nowhere, heating up the charts right now. And here they are, a really dynamite group, Hanson. Here's Zachary, Isaac and Taylor. The Hanson's! KATHY : These guys could be surfers! REGIS: These guy are a barbers dream. ZAC: yeah. REGIS: yeah, nice to have you guys here.... TAYLOR: great to be here. REGIS:...welcome to New York. Is this your first time to New York City? TAYLOR: No actually we've been going back and forth a lot. REGIS: You know this is actually the first time I've heard about you, but everybody's talking about you now. You're on the charts, you're zooming with a bullet! ISAAC: yeah, yeah, you know, we're crossing our fingers. KATHY: Is it no big surprise to you guys because music's been a part of your life all your life. TAYLOR: You can't expect things to happen, but we've always been doing music, yes. KATHY:I understand that their parents would come home from church on Wednesday nights expecting a clean house and the dishes done and what would they find? TAYLOR: a new song instead of... ISAAC: A new song instead of , you know, dishes done. KATHY: well, its paying off now. REGIS: And how old are you guys? ZAC: Uh, 11. ISAAC: 16 TAYLOR: 14 REGIS: 14. Did you always get along, were there any squabbles? ISAAC: when we were young we used to practice.... KATHY: You are young! TAYLOR: when we were younger! ISAAC: I know thats the funny thing! We always go, you know, when we were young. Yeah, exactly. ZAC: When we were younger. ISAAC: Younger, yeah, when we were younger we used to practice karate on each other. TAYLOR: (pretends to hit Isaac) ISAAC: But now we don't do that because we would really, really hurt each other if we did that now, Taylor and I. TAYLOR:( While Isaac was talking) We get along pretty well, we get along pretty well. KATHY: And you might screw up all of that beautiful harmony you've got going too, you've got investments here. ZAC: (sings in high screaching voice) REGIS: When did you start palying together as a group? ISAAC: we satrted as a group five years ago. REGIS: are you one of these groups that started in your garage. One of those make-shift studios built in. TAYLOR: Pretty close, we basically took over the house, the living room. REGIS: The living room. KATHY: they have very understanding parents. ZAC: yeah ISAAC: Yes, yes, very understanding. We actually didn't start playing instruments until two years ago. KATHY: So you were a vocal group, harmony. ISAAC: Yeah, we were doing a capella for a long time. Did some kind of R&B stuff. KATHY: And I was interested to read, your early...thats funny, early influences, but it was because you went away and you had all these... ISAAC: Yeah, we listened to late 50's, early 60'd rock and roll. KATHY: Where did you move to with your dad? ISAAC: Equador... ZAC: Venezuela... TAYLOR: My dads job took him over to Equador, Venezuela, and Trinidad for over the period of a year. So over that time we listened to old rock and roll. KATHY: And Aretha blew you away. ISAAC: Oh yeah, definitely. ZAC: yeah! definitely! WOAH! KATHY: Excuse me, you were two, alright? He don't get no respect at age two. REGIS: Now somebody said that you're doing your schooling at home? ISAAC: yes, we home-school. REGIS: Ah ha, and who's your teacher? ISAAC: Our parents and we also have a math tutor. REGIS: And are there more Hansons at home? ISAAC: Yes there are. TAYLOR: there's three more, three younger siblings. KATHY: Boys or girls or what? TAYLOR: Two younger girls, 8 and 6, Jessica and Avery and Mackenzie, the youngest brother is three. KATHY: Now are they musically inclined? ISAAC: uh...well, they're definitely kind of an artsy group, I guess you could say. KATHY: We're almost close to a Partridge family here. TAYLOR: Its getting close ZAC: yeah. KATHY: and Tulsa, I went to college in Tulsa, its a great town to grow up in. ISAAC: Its a really great town. TAYLOR: We love Tulsa. ISAAC: Love Tulsa REGIS: And the governor declared it Hanson day. TAYLOR: Today was declared Hanson day... ISAAC: Or yesterday was actually TAYLOR: Or yesterday was declared Hanson day ISAAC: yeah yesterday TAYLOR: Its pretty strange KATHY: Why not Hanson year? TAYLOR: I don't know! We're pleased with one day. REGIS: Were you nervous meeting the governor? ZAC: Actaully we didn't. We ended up not because we were here. TAYLOR: (tries to answer question at the same time as zac) REGIS: I'm trying to get the little one to say something! KATHY: They didn't have time, they were with Letterman, they didn't have time for the governor. REGIS: How was your appearance on the Letterman show? ISAAC: That was really great. ZAC: It was really cool. TAYLOR: It was fun. REGIS: Did David talk to you? ZAC: Ah, no he didn't. He came over and thanked us after we... TAYLOR: we played mmmbop and then he came over and shook our hands. KATHY: Oh, thats the way its pronounced, mmmbop. I thought it was M-M-M Bop. ISAAC: mmmbop TAYLOR: Its pretty confusing. ISAAC: Or M-M-M-B-O-P KATHY: You guys write your own stuff. ISAAC: yeah KATHY: Now tell me how guys 11, 16, and 14, who have experienced so much of life, where do the songs come from? I mean, your parents haven't even let you out of the garage. ISAAC: I don't know. We joke around, we were writing songs about our wives and our girlfriends leaving us before we could even care. So, I mean, we thought girls had cooties when we were writing about them. KATHY: They don't? They don't? ISAAC: No, no, girls definitely do not have cooties. REGIS: So its you two, the oldest ones who do most of the writing? Does this guy participate? ISAAC: No, Zac definitely plays a very large part in the song writing. ZAC: Thank you, man. KATHY: Now, Zac I'm worried about you. I understand your role models are Beavis and Butthead. ZAC: No, no, no, no. Its Ike that does Beavis and Butthead, not me. REGIS: Can you do a little bit for us now? ISAAC: Uuuuu... KATHY: Not on a family channel. ISAAC: No, we won't do that now, but you know, I do other impressions. REGIS: Well, are you ready to play for us? ALL: Sure REGIS: Well, alright fine, can we do a little MMMBop? Here they are from their new album, Middle of Nowhere, Hanson.

Transcript from The Tonight Show

Leno: We're back with Hanson! Three more geniuses....a lot of geniuses we've got here. Zac, Taylor, Isaac, right? Taylor: Yes. Leno: Now how many...I love your little sister, how old is she, like 4? Taylor: Yeah, we've got three younger siblings Leno: So how many all together? Leno: We've got Jessica who's 8, Avery is 6 and Mackie, the youngest brother is 3. Leno: oh, man... Taykor: there's a lot of them. Leno: I'm sitting at my desk and kids are like screaming by my desk upstairs. But its a nice family! Now how old are you guys? You're how old? Zac: I'm 11 Taylor: 14 Isaac: 16 Leno: okay, now you guys are off to where next week? (Pulls out a globe) Zac: Don't do this! Isaac: Japan and Taiwan Leno: Well, you guys guys are just going nuts. I mean, is this overwhelming to you? Taylor: Its pretty wild. Isaac: Pretty wild Taylor: Definitely wild. Leno: Do you have any girlfriends? All: Nope Isaac: No, no girlfriends Taylor: Not one Leno: Not one, amoung 8 kids in the family? Isaac: No, no. You know, well, the other ones a little bit too young, you know. Our philosophy is... Taylor: Can you see a three year old walking around with a boyfriend, I mean...or a girlfriend? Leno: In LA? Yes, I'm sorry, thats why you guys are normal, you're from Oklahoma. Now whats the dumbest question you get asked? Do you get asked a lot of stupid questions? Taylor: The dumbest question we got asked was, 'how did you guys meet?'. You know... Isaac: And we're like well, you know, our mom brought us back home and... Taylor: Here's your youngest brother, uh... Leno: In the bathroom, we bumped in the hall. now Isaac, you're 16, right? Isaac: Yeah Leno: You driving yet? Isaac: Yes, I am Leno: Now what do you have? Did you get yourself a viper, or a corvette, or a ferrari, or what? Isaac: Well, we were going to ask you for a little car advice. We saw this really cool, white convertable Jaguar. Leno: Oh, thats mine Isaac: You mean the one we ran into? Leno: I'm thinking more of a Geo Metro for you guys Isaac: yeah, well, its kind of a little bit easy to crush. Leno: Really? I don't doubt that. Isaac: Cause I kinda backed into it out there... Leno: Yeah, just try it. Now where in Oklahoma are you guys from? Is it Tulsa? All: Tulsa. Leno: I used to go with a girl in Oklahoma, so I've been there a lot. You all go to the same school? Isaac: We actually homeschool. Leno: Oh, you homeschool? Taylor: Yeah, its called Home. Leno: Mom teaches? This is like the Partridge family, mom does the whole thing? Isaac: Yeah, pretty much. Mom, dad, everybody does something like that. Zac: yeah Leno: And you guys have a website too? All: Yes, we do Isaac: Taylor: Check it out Zac: Yes! Leno: Now how does that homeschool thing work out? Because you can't really screw around because its mom. Is there ever a substitute mom? Isaac: Well, actually, the good thing is...we can screw around because it is mom. Leno: Oh, okay. And when you're on the road, you do everything... Taylor: Yeah, you just take your books where ever you go Leno: Now you're off to Japan Isaac: Yes Leno: Now I know Sushi is not big in Tulsa Isaac: No... Zac: Not exactly Isaac: Well, sushi's not big in our family Taylor: Sushi's not big in the Hanson family, yeah. Leno: Are you gonna try it? You gotta try it when you're over there. Taylor: Who knows? Zac: We do? Leno: It could be an international incident. You could be the guy... Isaac: Or you could get food poisoning Leno: Or you could get food poisoning. Have you ever had sushi? Zac: No. I'm not planning on it very soon. Leno: we'll bring out some raw fish for you, would you like ot try some raw fish? Isaac: No, no thank you. Taylor: We'll pass Zac: No thank you Leno: Well, guys, congratulations on all your success. You know its a real nice family, your mom, your dad, they're real nice folks. Thanks for coming here, good seeing you guys.

Transcript from Fox After Breakfast

Fox lady: We're going to try to do an interview with the group Hanson. There is a huge amount of people out here, guys. Fox guy: And can you believe that? Fox lady: I know... Fox guy: Look at you smiling, show off those braces, man, show 'em! Fox lady: alright, now, Isaac, I got to ask you, can you believe the kind of turnout you guys are getting? Isaac: Absolutely not. You never expect this kind of thing, its not healthy to expect this kind of thing, so you know we're just happy to get the opportunity to perform for not even half this many people, just people. Fox lady: Wow. I have to ask you, since you're so young, how old were you when you got started? Zac: Uh, I was 6 Taylor: It was 6 years ago. It was 6, 9 and 11, I think. Fox guy: So this is not your first album? Everyone thinks this is your first hit. This is your third album? So where are they going to buy the other albums at? Taylor: The other albums are just independent. They're out of the loop, basically now. We may release them later on, but they're kind of just our independent stuff. Fox guy: So you're gonna keep them independent? Taylor: We'll keep it independent and if we want to release it later, then we'll talk about that. Fox lady: Thats right, keep that money in the family, right? Now you've written over a hundred songs already? Isaac: yeah, thats very true, yeah. Fox guy: Who wrote the songs? Zac: We did Taylor: The three of us. Zac: These people Fox guy: Zac, how many songs did you write yourself, Zac, since 6 years old? Zac: Uh, I don't know. We don't know exact numbers, but we'va all written basically all the songs. Fox guy: And there are three more Hansons? So when they get of age, you're gonna be Hanson squared? Zac: Uuuuuuh, I don't know. Fox guy: You don't know? Taylor: Who knows, I never know. Fox guy: You never know they might be actors... Zac: Its kinda up to them. Fox guy: Oh, okay Fox lady: Is it true that you are so young that some of the places where you performed, you aren't even allowed to go in? Isaac: Oh well, the story behind that one is, we performed at a local bar called the Blue Rose Cafe, and we performed outside because its a bar and we're too young. So basically, well half the restaurant is basically outside on a patio, so we performed for the patio and got the rest of the people, the people around at the other restaurants came because its a very popular area. So we got actually a bigger turnout than we would have if we had performed inside, so... Fox guy: So now when you practice, okay when you practice, you have to practice a lot but when you have this...where are you practicing now? Zac: We are practicing at our house Taylor: A secret place Fox lady: A secret location? Fox guy: Where's the house at? Isaac: Our house is you know, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Well, we don't always practice there, we practice in other places... Zac: Well, when we practice we practice at practice halls when we practice here in New York, or LA and places like that. Taylor: No, we just bring our garage everywhere we go, you know, send it on a plane, eeerrrr Fox lady: And you guys are really influenced by singers from the 50's and 60's. Isn't that right? Isn't that how you got singing in the first place? Isaac: Yeah, the first stuff that we really listened to was, you know, 50's and 60's rock and roll. Chuck Berry, Johnny Taylor, Otis Redding, people like that. Fox lady: Thats great taste, I think its beautiful! Fox guy: You said you started listening to it when you were in Trinidad, now didn't you get into the rostifarian music, that kind of stuff? Isaac: You know, thats a funny thing, we really just...there wasn't a whole lot of radio that we listened to. It was, you know, its definitely a large influence over there. I guess we just never totally grabbed know there are some cool things, I guess the ah... Zac: Steel drums Isaac: Steel drums were invented there and all that stuff, so we did actually get to see, or our parents got to see an orchestra made completely out of steel drums, so it was pretty incredible, yeah. Fox guy: Otis Redding? Isaac: Otis Redding. Taylor: yeah Fox guy: So are you going to redo that song? Isaac: Oh, you know, you never know. Fox guy: Beat it up a little bit? Zac: Who knows, I'd hate to try and ruin it. Isaac: Yeah, its a good thing so, you know, I think.... Zac: I think I'm just gonna leave it, you know. Fox lady: Well, we're not gonna leave you, because coming up we're going to have a curb side performance by

Jenny McCarthy Transcript

ZAC: Hello, we're Hanson. GIRL: Its great to have a band on that's still ticklish! ISAAC: About five years ago was the first performance, we did a local festival called Mayfest and we were doing just a capella stuff at the time, three part harmony type thing. and three years after that we picked up instruments and started playing, you know...drums... TAYLOR: keyboards ISAAC: Drums, guitar, keyboard. GUY: How old are you? ZAC: Ike, you first ISAAC: I'm 16 ZAC: Tay? TAYLOR: 13 ZAC: I'm 11 JENNY: Barney's way past your age, right? ISAAC: No, Barney is like... TAYLOR: We'd like to shoot Barney ISAAC: we'd like to shoot Barney...beat him up. TAYLOR: Um, yeah, we're gonna do a song called "MMMBop" and its about holding on to the people who really matter. Its a.... ISAAC: Its about relationships, in this life, only one or two will last. ZAC: Okay, man! We love you people!

C-Hey, I'm Cindy Crawford and I'm here with Hanson, we'll be hanging out, you guys will be taking me places, and we're going to start out in a record store Z-Boom boom boom boom boom (makes noises and headbangs around) C-When do you listen to music? Like at home? All-Yeah C-And what do you listen to? T-Blues Traveler, uhh...Spin Doctors I-Aerosmith T-Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette C-I love T-No Doubt C-I love Alanis Morissette! Do you like Jewel? T-Yeah, she's awesome Z-Yeah T-Here's Prince, Death Jam Master Mixes C-What do you think of Prince, as a musician? T-I think he's a pretty amazing musician, he basically does everything himself Z-Well you see, he's not Prince anymore, he's the Artist Formerly Known As Prince C-I know I-I think he's known officially as the Artist C-I like girl singers, but I like you guys too I-Oh gee thanks (walks away) Z-So you're saying you think we're chicks? C-I didn't say that, don't read into it either! Z-Thanks! [sarcasm] C-I didn't say that, even though your hair is very long and lovely (touches Zac's hair)

C-So what do you guys look for when you go shopping? Z-Clothes T-Cool clothes C-Yeah, okay T-Pants ---something--- are really cool to wear, not like this (motions to the pants he's wearing) but stuff like these (takes a pair off the rack), these are awesome I-Like dickeys Z-Army pants T-dickeys, army pants, and military stuff T-I don't think we're the hat crowd, we'd have to cut our hair off I-Old stuff with logos is cool but new stuff with logos is..ehh All-Ehh... T-See, I'm not really into the Romeo and Juliet thing, so all the puff around the...pants.... I-Ruffles T-All the...I'm, I'm going to take this back C-The colors are cool T-The colors are cool Z-Yeah, I like the color contrast C-Let's go get some lunch, and wait, this is your guys' choice I heard, Johnny Rockets? T-Its like classic burgers Z-Great burgers and curly fries C-What am I going to eat? T-The lettuce? C-The lettuce, I'll eat the lettuce and the tomatoes off of their hamburgers

Z-Cindy, if you could describe yourself as a candy, what would it be? C-How about hot tamales? I-I'd agree with that one C-I would like to be hot tamales but I actually I like Whoppers C-Everyone does like bands with their sisters and brothers, so how do you, I mean, how do you take it the next step and make it real? I-You have to make the music that you make and cross your fingers and hope that people like it T-You're still the same person you were five minutes ago when nobody cared, and so I mean, that's really the truth Z-We haven't changed at all, it sounds a little weird, but its the charts decision C-What is the perk of being a pop star? T-Getting to see different countries and places and I think that's really been fun for us C-What about the money? I-The money is only there to give you the opportunity to do more of what you love C-How many times have you guys sang "MMMBop"? I-We've probably sang "MMMBop" -- Z-300 times I-300 times T-The only time it says "mmmbop" is the first verse, so it says "mmmbop" and then ba-duba-dop ba-du All-Started to sing the chorus of "MMMBop" with Cindy singing along

***Psyko Blast at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland on August 16th 1997***

Most of us got there at around 8:45am, people were there even before then! We all had to wait till 9am until they let us in. You could not run to the theater but we HAD to get a good seat because Hanson was going to be there today! We had given the ticket person our tickets; many people were already headed over to the theater! So we ran… well speed walked hen we got close to the theater we started passing people by running along the grass and stuff. We were almost at the front now! When we got to the front gate of the theater there were policemen and other employees directing us on where to sit but everyone just flew by them to get a good seat! The front row was filled but we got 7th row center which was really good! We could see everything! It’s was cool! When we got into the theater and were getting seated there was a mini stage show going on with the YTV PJ’s and other people taking part in the YTV Psyko Blast! There were 3-stage shows and only one was aired. We didn’t mind watching all 3 cause there were these really hot guys called the Psyko Blast dancers! There were three but there was one really hot one that wore purple shorts! And every now and then whenever someone would mention that Hanson was gonna be there everyone SCREAMED and CLAPPED! It’s was pretty amazing at how many people were there! At around 5:30pm Hanson came out on stage to say hello and stuff! They threw some Koosh balls into the audience! We didn’t catch one though but that was okay cause we still got to see them really good! I took a ton of pictures too! They went off stage in about 10 minutes. People would come and mention that Hanson would be they’re soon and that got everyone Hyped! Soon it was 7:20pm!!! We were all excited! Paul and Phil (YTV PJ’s) came out on stage to announce Hanson! Here's what happened during the Hanson concert!

Hanson Script from YTV Psyko Blast at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland 1997!

Paul: Allllriiiight! Phil: Ohhhh yes, its about that time I think! Paul: It’s about that time, all right hold on, hold on! Phil: Hold on! Paul: Now we're gonna do a question and answer thing little deal where u can interact with them all right! We have Aashna and Exan in the crowd and they’re gonna take some questions, so I think we should bring out the BOYS, here they are!!! Phil: Ladies and probably not too many gentlemen, all right here they are.. Phil and Paul: HANSON!!!!!!! Isaac, Taylor and Zac come in through a door on the stage! Zac jumps up, Ike does a peace sign Taylor: We love you Taylor: Hey guys how ya doin’? Ike: You guys rock! Zac: We’d like to congratulate you guys for reaching…. A hundred and forty decibels!! Ike: We’d like to congratulate you guys for reaching hundred and forty decibels, all right! Paul: all right we are gonna take some questions okay so hold on, hold on, hold on! Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Phil and Paul all go SHHHHH!! Paul: So we can hear the questions! Let’s go to Aashna in the crowd! Aashna: Thanks Paul we have Alexandra from Toronto and she’s also a musician, what question would you like to ask Hanson? Ike: Could you guys be quiet for just on one second we need you guys to be quiet for just one second we are gonna have someone down there ask us a couple of questions soooo lets do it! Aashna: we have to quiet down Zac: Please be very, very quiet! Taylor: You guys we are gonna try and do some thing where you ask a couple of questions! Taylor: You guys are too LOUD! Paul: Okay well we’ll just you a couple of questions. So how do you guys enjoy Canada so far? Isaac, Taylor, Zac: YOU GUYS ROCK! Taylor: Look at all you guys there’s a ton of you out here, WOW! Paul: Okay, Okay, so are you guys ready to just kick some jams? Taylor: That’s what we’re here to do! Isaac: Just for you guys in a Canada you know we’re ah gonna do stuff you know, so cool! Paul takes questions from someone in the front row: Girl in front row: Does Taylor have a girlfriend? Paul: Taylor they wanna know if Taylor has a girlfriend!?! Taylor: Guys nobody has a girlfriend, none of us have a girlfriend! Paul: Okay we’re gonna take another question. Girl on the Floor: Taylor ah Taylor, umm Taylor will you go out with me?

Paul: Ah you know that Taylor I think you just got asked out on date! Ike: You know the problem is if we went out on a date with one of you we’d have to go out on a date with all of you guys and that would be kinda hard! But you know what! We may not be able to go out with you guys but you know we love you guys! Zac: How bout instead of going out on date we just sing for ya! Ike: How bout instead of going out on a date we just sing for ya, how’s that!? Paul: The girls over there want to know what your favorite places you have been to besides Canada! Taylor: Besides Canada, ah guys that’s so heard to say! Ike: We did have some really incredible experiences though we went to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and Australia! Taylor: Guys of all the places we have been I think you guys are the loudest!!! Ike: We said you guys… We said you guys reached 140 decibels I think you have gotten to 145 now!!! Paul: Okay, Okay, wait a sec, wait a sec! I know we have a question over there with Aashna! Aashna: Okay Alexandra has been waiting patiently, go with! Alexandra: Hi uh I was wondering what your influences were or what groups you guys listen to now? Paul: Yeah bands are you guys into now? Taylor: Okay we are gonna do this quick, pretty much we’ll tell ya guys anything from En Vouge to Aerosmith! Cause they are trying to do this fast! Paul: Okay Hanson is gonna be back after this! Live, they are gonna play live!

***Goes to Break and they play MmmBop*** Everyone: everyone sings the words to MmmBop Aashna: Welcome to Kingswood music Theater, We have got a very special presentation with none other than HANSON!!! Here they come! Everyone: Everyone sings and claps to MmmBop Zac: This is cool! Taylor: You guys go Zac: Listen Ike: Come on Zac: You know all the words! Taylor: Wow you guys can really sing Taylor: Okay guys they are gonna Que. us in a second so ahh.. You guys will find out then, then you guys can scream. *Taylor sings Bop, bop, bop into the microphone* Taylor: Okay we’re gonna ask you guys this a little bit later on, but first how many of you guys have the album, Middle of Nowhere?… WHOA! Taylor: Okay we are gonna ask you guys that a little bit later on and I want to see single one of you guys raise you hand! *You can hear Zac testing the Megaphone!* Aashna: We are live from Kingswood Music Theater and there Hanson on stage now! Isaac: They are more people in Canada per capita have bought the Hanson record than anywhere else in the country! Taylor: the World! Taylor: you Guys ready to hear some music now? Paul: They need a good formal introduction, Okay this is the formal introduction, the moment you have all been waiting for, Ladies and Gentlemen, Live, HANSON!!! Taylor: Okay guys now its time to clap! ***HANSON SINGS MADELINE*** During the Song Taylor says Come on May times, and he also says clap with us guys! Ike: You guys rock! yeah! Taylor: Man Ike: All right... well Taylor: You guys having fun so far? Ike: All right we a lot of you guys have the album so guys probably know this one... Man From Milwaukee! *** HANSON SINGS MAN FROM MILWAUKEE*** Taylor: Give it up for Zac Hanson! Taylor: All right Ike: All right! *While Hanson sets up on electric instruments and drums, they go to an interview!*

Taylor: When you are writing music there no one way that you do it, sometimes you jam and then you'll just... Ike: Sometimes when you jam and you come up with something and you end up playing it for an hour. Taylor: Yeah Ike: It's like Jamming on it! Zac: It's kinda like doing it. Taylor: That’s what jamming is called Taylor: yeah you just like jam on it. Zac: it’s more like we make up a song and record it, that hours and hours of recording Taylor: I mean like you're gonna look back on this tape and you jammed for 2 hours and nothing came out of it and your like dang! I just recorded 2 hours of nothing! Ike: Or then you sit down and you actually write a song! Ike: Either its chop, chop or I got nothing it was stupid, yeah there’s definitely times when you have stupid stuff! Paul: Let’s wrap things up by letting everyone know how much fun it is in the studio! Taylor: I think you are definitely your worst critic, as far as the vocals go you wanna make it right, I mean you can't be totally perfect, its about I mean if you did a part it was a little flat but has a lot of gut then you'd probably keep it! Ike: if it had great vibe. Paul: that’s cool. Taylor: I mean you are definitely your worst critic! Ike: well it’s just you know... Zac: It depends on who you are and what you do. Ike: I mean you can't find yourself being too much of a perfectionist because then if you do then it loses all the flavor! And yeah it depends on the song Taylor: It depends on the song! *** Back to the concert*** Taylor: here we go, you guys ready to go? Ike: Here we go! *** HANSON SINGS THINKING OF YOU*** Taylor: Wow! Zac: Wow! Wows definitely the word! Taylor: Okay so you guys sure you're having fun? You're really sure? That definitely sounds like fun! Okay you guys ready? Ike says to Zac: Zac, where the love. Zac: Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, WHERES THE LOVE!?! Taylor: Come on put your hands together! Taylor: Come on clap with us! ***HANSON SINGS WHERE’S THE LOVE*** (During Where’s the Love:) Taylor: Zac Hanson on the drums Taylor: Okay guys sing along, here we go. (Everyone screams at Isaac's guitar part in the song) (After the song:) Zac: You guys are rockin! Anyone hot? Taylor: Hey guys I hear that there are people here from all over Canada, is that true? (Everyone screams) Taylor: Well we would really like to thank you guys for coming all this way waiting all this time, we just hope you have a lot of fun while you are here! We are having a ton of fun so far.! We just wanted to let you know, we couldn't live " A minute Without You!" Zac: 1,2,3,4! Taylor: Come on clap with your hands! Taylor: Keep those hands up! *** Sing A Minute without You*** Taylor: Wow, just take a minute to take a breather... AHHHHH! Zac: You guys all join in! Taylor: you're putting up so much energy! AHHHH! Can u feel it? Taylor drinks his water! Taylor: Okay guys I didn't want to say this but you all know this was a short concert not too many songs! Ike: But we'll be back in Canada I am sure, to do a full pledge Hanson concert! Taylor: Do you guys wanna here a FULL PLEDGE HANSON CONCERT??? Ike: Well we'll be back real soon I'm sure! We're gonna leave you with this song! You guys are gonna know this one! Taylor: okay guys I want everybody in this entire place clapping! Come on all you guys out there! Everyone! ***HANSON SINGS MMMBOP *** NOTE: This is funny! During when they play MmmBop Tay’s water bottle falls down on to his keyboard! He just smiles down and look at it! Also during when they play: Zac: Give it up for us! Taylor: Clap with us come on! Taylor: Here we go! (Taylor and Zac are just playing now, no guitar, but then they go back to all of them) Paul: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, this show has been absolutely amazing, and Hanson is playing they are there right now! Big thanks to Isaac, Taylor and Zac for doing this show it’s been absolutely incredible, a big thanks to everybody who’s watching out there across Canada and to all those who came out to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland to take part in YTV’s Psyko Blast, listen to that crowd, these guys, very, very cool! ***HANSON FINISHES MMMBOP*** Taylor: wow! Zac dumps his water on his head! Isaac, Taylor and Zac all join hands and bow twice! They give a final wave; Taylor dumps his water into the crowd and then walk out through the door they just walked through on to the stage 40 minutes ago! So that was a pretty good concert eh? Well that’s not all!!!! Hanson return back out onto the stage to sing MmmBop one last time acapella! Taylor shakes hands with some fans and then... they leave for good! ****************************THE END************************************************* Reviewed By: Amy Forrest

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