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As your looking at these pictures, keep in mind that the wheather was very hot and humid and all the ground was dirt, and mirrors and make-up weren't availible 24/7. Oh yeah, all these pictures were taken on one day - what can I say, I LOVE taking pictures!


(Left to right- Kim, me, Carolyn) They are my real good friends. We are at the top of the hill where the main stage is behind us. No one was playing then. and all the little colored speckles in back of us are tents and people.


(Left to right - Shane Black, me, Lance Black) They are part of < href="">Silage. And I caught them walking around at their merch tent. So, like a total groupie, I asked them if they were part of Silage, but I pronounced they band name wrong! I said it with a short "i" and it's really with a long "i". So they, very nicely, corrected me.


(Left to Right-me) I had my hair in little tiny braids over Memorial Day weekend. Thsi pic has absolutely nothing to do with Creation, I just thought it was cool. Oh yeah- it's in my backyard.