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HANSON lovers mmmboped their way in here!

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This is the new layout! With frames and everything! I hope you like it. Oh yeah, if you visited this page on March 1, 1998 between 10:30AM and 12:45 PM, you may have been confused. That's just because I was renovating this page!

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Bookmark this page, I update ALOT! You may wanna hit the reload/refresh botton while your at it!

You came to my page! I'm so happy your here! Last time I was here was , 1998!

Hi! My name is Steph. I'm 12 years old and I love HANSON. My room has 40 posters of HANSON, I know every word on "Middle of Nowhere" (who doesn't),and my favorite is Taylor(sigh).

I have 2 45-50 page photo albums FULL of HANSON pics, articles, transcripts, magazine clippings, and a short bio. You name it, it's in there! I call it my scrapbook. I strated it on June 15, 1997 and It's all filled up as of November 29, 1997 11:23PM. And now I have a pile of papers with pictures stacked up to put in, but I have no room! So Santa brought me another album for Christmas!

Let me tell you about my friends Sarah and Megan: Their like my best friends. Sarah *LOVES* Isaac. Megan *LOVES* Zac. Sarah has written songs about Isaac. Megan has a scrapbook like I do. One of these days, Me, Megan, and Sarah are gonna be sisters cuz we're marrying HANSON! (That is just a joke. So you all can get off my back for just kidding around. I know that I probably have no chance with them, anyway!)

So, have fun and click around the side bar on the left!