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My personal favorite Hanson sites

Just Like you and Meand the sequel Prison of Lies
These two stories are well written. They about the three brothers who meet a family like theirs, but they are all girls and a father. They grow up together through their adolescent years. Then, the sequel takes them to the next three years, where there will be some changes. There is a lot of sexual encounters, A LOT, in both stories, but it isn't too heavy on the language.
Love is Stronger than anything
I haven't read this one yet but in the words of another devoted Hanson fan: "This is by far, the most SWEETEST story I have ever read on the Internet. It was the first story I read, and it was so sweet and so cute, it will have you crying at least once. It shows that you can always have a shoulder to cry on, and a good friend to help you get through your worst problems".
<::my world::>
Very creative and worth the trip. Totally inspirational and intuative. This page is not totally Hanson based, but there is a fan fiction section.
A Dream Come True
This story is short but it's so realistic! It definetly is every Hanson fan's dream come true!
Hanson Stories and Links
Nuff said.
Tulsa 74132
I cannot say enough grest things about this story!! I was up untill 2AM reading it the first time I dicovered it!!! I printed every word out, it's WONDERFUL!! A total MUST READ for every Hanson fan!
How to keep an idiot busy
at least for a couple minutes.
Re-write MMMBOP
Did you ever want to re-write MMMBOP? Well now you can - sort of.
AZ (About Zoe)
A page all about Zoe.
MMMkhit's Hansonoploy Website!
She linked my page to her's so I linked her page to mine! My other Websites: E-mail me for the addreses of them!

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