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Hanson. We know them as the happy little pop group from Tulsa. And we also know them as heartthrobs for many teens across the globe. And no adoring Hanson fan wants to hear that Isaac, Taylor, or Zac have girlfriends, because single Hanson is best. Well, not anymore. We all us Hanson fans know how much louder screaming girls get when they hear of Hanson singleness. Just one example perhaps: Oprah. The crowd had a mini-standing ovation when it was told, and I quote, "No, none of us have girlfriends".

Well my friends, I know otherwise. A guy in my church, my friend, "Roy"* used to teach in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Hanson lives. He recently visited Tulsa and some of his old friends. Amoung these friends were former students. (I don't know they're names as of yet, but I'll get them.) Female students who are bestest buddies with our pals, Hanson. (One, more than a buddy, and we'll call her "Jen"*.) So "Teacher Tulsa Boy", asked "Jen" to get an autographed guitar pick from Isaac for one of my closest friends, "Sandy"* who is osessed with Isaac. So, she did. And when she got she was sooooo excited. (Roy also gave me and Sandy a photocopy of a picture w/ Jen and Hanson and some other girls in it. I'll scan it in then.) Anyway, 2 days later (October 18, 1998), Sandy found out from Roy, that Jen is Isaac's girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. Sandy cried for a long time after finding that out.

It's not the fact that Isaac Hanson has a girlfriend that bugs me. Frankly, I don't really care. What perturbes me is that Hanson repeatidly lied to us. On just aout every interview, apperance, and television show. You think I'm over-reacting? Those 3 boys are role modles and some girls hang on their every word. And this isn't the first time I've heard about Isaac having a girlfriend from Roy. It's just the first time I've decided to do something about it. So, fill out this form I've provided, post the grapihc on your page, and maybe we can make an uproar or have Hanson at least notice that we see right through they're lies.


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