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I   won   an   award!

Here's the award I won:

I was Snowed In with HANSON in the Middle of NoWhere! Were you?

Bookmark this page, I update ALOT! You may wanna hit the reload botton while your at it!

You came to my page! I'm so happy your here! Last time I was here was Janurary 5, 1998! HAPPY 1998!!

Ok guys (I know your all mostly girls, but "guys" kinda sums it up), I want to know what kind of HANSON stuff you got for Christmas. Did you get a t-shirt? Then describe it to me. Did you get a biography? Which one. Be specific with your gifts. After I have all the gifts added up, I will see which gift you got the most. Thanx! e-mail them to me Here

I have written a Hanson story but it's kinda long, if I can get enough requests for it, I'll type it and put it up. As for a summery or it: Well, First, me and my friends find litter and are VERY happy about. Then my new outfit ends up full of blood...Just Click Here
to request it.

Hi! My name is Steph. I'm 12 years old and I love HANSON. My room has 40 posters of HANSON, I know every word on "Middle of Nowhere" (who doesn't),and my favorite is Taylor(sigh).

I have 2 45-50 page photo albums FULL of HANSON pics, articles, transcripts, magazine clippings, and a short bio. You name it, it's in there! I call it my scrapbook. I strated it on June 15, 1997 and It's all filled up as of November 29, 1997 11:23PM. And now I have a pile of papers with pictures stacked up to put in, but I have no room! So Santa brought me another album for Christmas!

Let me tell you about my friends Sarah and Megan: Their like my best friends. Sarah *LOVES* Isaac. Megan *LOVES* Zac. Sarah has written songs about Isaac. Megan has a scrapbook like I do. One of these days, Me, Megan, and Sarah are gonna be sisters cuz we're marrying HANSON!

Stuff to do while your here

CLICK HERE: for HANSON pics (some are very exclusive!)
CLICK HERE: for HANSON apperences
CLICK HERE: Hey, join my hanson fan club! This club, is kinda like having an exclusive membership to an exclusive club! There's even a top secret web site only DHL (Devoted Hanson Lovers) can enter!
CLICK HERE: to take my AwEsOmE HANSON survay
CLICK HERE: for Quicktime videos and Wavs of HANSON
CLICK HERE: for"Middle of Nowhere" and "Boomerang" lyrics
CLICK HERE: for articles on HANSON
CLICK HERE: for transcripts from shows HANSON was on
CLICK HERE: for your thuoghts and dreams about HANSON
CLICK HERE: for my HANSON Chat room! !!NEW!!
CLICK HERE: for updates to this page and stuff about me
CLICK HERE: to go to my friend's website. he's just star
CLICK HERE: for my favorite HANSON links

Justice For Hanson is a really cool club that I'm in. It's all about keeping it real with Hanson. Kinda like making sure that EVERYBODY (or as many people as we can,) will STOP making fun, poking at, teasing, and insulting Hanson.



send me everything BUT pictures here:

send me pictures HERE:

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