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cool dudes wanted info on our GrOoVy ClUb
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DHL is my HANSON fan club. DHL stands for "Devoted HANSON Lover.".To join DHL just E-mail me with the e-mail address that you want me to send the DHL newsletter to. Simple, huh? You'll recieve facts, the latest apperances. Insted of waiting and waiting for it to come, the fanletter will come to you every week. But, it's more like a "I'll e-mail you the latest info when i get it" thing. So, JOIN TODAY!! In every issue you will recieve:

~a story review

~a page review

~a pic. and a funny caption



and anything else you want. I mean you can send in whatever and I'll put it in the newsletter. j*o*i*n**t*o*d*a*y*


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