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Stuff People Say About HANSON

GrOoVy people watched and listeed for HANSON

Download any of the sound clips you'd like just by clicking on the link.
File Name File Size Description
sibonus 129 KB Snowed In Bonus Track
E!Interview 392 KB A clip from Hanson's recent interview on E! Entertainment discussing Teen Idols.
mibintro 58 KB Hanson introduces Men In Black at the MTV Music Awards
puffintro 41 KB Hanson introduces Puff Daddy at the MTV Music Awards
burp 70 KB Zac burping the word "Yep"
caller 44 KB "Hey caller people, How do you find out where we are?"
color 71 KB "I like the color contrast" -- Zac
garage 81 KB "We just bring our garage everywhere we go." -- Tay
hat 30 KB "We're the hat crowd, we don't have to cut our hair off" --Tay
in 66 KB "We're always gonna do it..." -- Tay (Intro on HansonLive)
isaaccooties 164 KB Isaac discusses how girls don't have cooties.
question 84 KB "The dumbest question we got asked was..." -- Tay (Intro on HansonLive's FAQ page)
school 51 KB "We're actually homeschooled." -- Ike "Yea, it's called Home" -- Tay
taydust 175 KB Hanson talks a little about the Dust Brother's house.
tayedgar 48 KB Hanson talks about some rumors they have heard.
taygifts 48 KB "Oh I didn't know you cared!" -- Tay
tayhair 97 KB "Ike, who cares about your hair!" -- Tay
tayjellybeans 33 KB "All you can need...." -- Tay
tayposter 36 KB "Oh my god! Jennifer Anderson sent us a poster of herself!" -- Tay
tayrumors 87 KB Some of the best rumors they have heard about themselves.
tayugly 26 KB "It :should say, 'I'm ugly'" -- Tay
tayunplug 27 KB "No one can unplug me!" -- Tay
taywanted 14 KB "Wanted dead or alive" -- Tay
taywtl 58 KB Tay talks about Where's The Love
tell 134 KB Hanson's mom talks a little about what their day is like.
zacbootknife 46 KB "I got a machete and a bootknife." -- Zac
zacbrothers 234 KB "How can we break up? We're brothers!" -- Zac
zacdie 21 KB "Now your gonna die" -- Zac
zacflowers 17 KB "Why are you buying us flowers?" -- Zac
zacmarried 254 KB Zac talks about getting married.
zacmushy 38 KB "Stop the mushy stuff!" -- Zac
zacow 40 KB "Ow! ow! ow! My ears! Ow!" -- Zac
zacplatforms 108 KB "They're trying to make him look taller.. It's just not working." -- Zac
zacpromise 29 KB "I will, I promise!" -- Zac
zacwallabies 38 KB "You don't mean wallabies, you mean wombat's." -- Zac
All of the RA links are in RealAudioŽ format (*.ra) and are designed to stream. By clicking on the link under the "RA Size" column, you will need RealAudio v 3.0 or later. RealPlayer will work as well. A version older than RealAudio v3.0 may work but has not yet been tested. You can obtain RealAudio from their website. All of the RA songs have been formatted in 28.8 mono full response so the quality will not be that great, however the downloadable files are much higher quality. To download a file, simply click on the link in the format you want it in. For example, if you want a *.wav file of Weird, click the file size in the Wav Size column.
Song Title Album Length Wav Size MP3 Size RA Size Quality Credits
National Anthem World Series 1997 Game 1 1:32 N/A 1.22mb 450kb High HansonLive
Cried I Will Come To You 0:44 959kb N/A 218kb High HansonLine
Look At You Middle Of Nowhere 0:59 1.25mb N/A 116kb Medium HansonLive
MMMBop Middle Of Nowhere 4:27 N/A N/A 1.27mb High HansonLive
Speechless Middle Of Nowhere 0:55 1.15mb N/A 107kb Medium HansonLive
Thinking Of You Middle Of Nowhere 1:03 1.34mb N/A 124kb Medium HansonLive
Weird Middle Of Nowhere 1:00 1.26mb N/A 117kb Medium HansonLive
Yearbook Middle Of Nowhere 1:05 N/A N/A 127kb Medium HansonLive
At Christmas Snowed In 1:09 1.45mb 1.05mb 135kb High HansonLive
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Snowed In 0:58 1.22mb 910kb 114kb High HansonLive
Little Saint Nick Snowed In 0:59 1.25mb 1.02mb 129kb High HansonLive
Merry Christmas Baby Snowed In 0:27 598kb 692kb 136kb High HansonLive
Silent Night Medley (O Holy Night, Silent Night, Come All Ye Faithful) Snowed In 1:05 1.37mb 953kb 116kb High HansonLive

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N/A means not avaliable
means playable
means good
Yellow Means warning
Red means bad


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