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Your guide to Zoe Genevieve Hanson!

First off I'd like to say:

The picture of Zoe was fake. Whoever made it must have been the same person with no life who made up the false rumor that Hanson has a new brother named Alex. Please stop the rumor that the pic of Zoe is real, because it's not. Whoever this poor baby is, save her from people thinking she's Zoe. She's very cute though. God put this baby on Earth to enjoy life, not to be exposed to everyone who thinks she's Zoe. I re-did the picture of whoever it is and here it is: Isn't she precious? Her name is Zoe Genivieve Hanson (pronounced Zoey Jen-i-veev).

She bopped into this world without a chorus of screaming girls in the background to herald her arrival, but Zoe Genevieve Hanson officially becomes the youngest and newest sibling of Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson -- Tulsa's homegrown sensational singing trio.

If the count is correct, her entrance into this world makes her the seventh Hanson sibling.

Could her lucky number bode even more luck for the already prosperous Hanson namesake?

Zoe Genevieve reportedly was born to Diana and Clarke Hanson Jan. 14 at 8:19 p.m. at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa.

She weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces.

Diana Hanson reportedly checked out of the hospital not long after the birth.

According to a hospital spokeswoman, the baby had not been named at that time.

Even management for the Hanson trio, Triune Music Group in Los Angeles, could not verify the baby's name, although a source said mother and baby are healthy and possi bly resting in Tulsa.

A perusal of sundry Hanson web sites, including the Ultimate Hanson Links Page ( uncovered the selected name of Zoe Genevieve Hanson for the newest family member.

While Zoe's birth created little more than a blip on the hospital's monitor, e-mail to the Tulsa World has been littered with requests from between 300 and 350 fans from as far away as Australia, Germany, Sweden and Mexico, all wanting more details.

The hospital's public relations department reported no calls about the occasion, while the labor and delivery area received only a few calls.

The Hansons' meteoric rise has landed them on the top of musical charts around the world, with album sales exceeding more than 10 million.

Earlier this month, the Han son brothers were nominated for three Grammy awards.

Their well-hummed single "MMMBop," which was the first single from the debut album "Middle of Nowhere" released in May on Mercury Records, has been nominated for Record of the Year.

The brothers also have earned Grammy nominations for Pop Performance by Duo or Group with Vocal and Best New Artist. The Grammy awards will air Feb. 25.

In April, the brothers are scheduled to begin the first leg of a tour in the United States, according to the group's management.



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